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Nuts, Fruits & Veggies Delight

This is one back-to-school dinner your whole family can enjoy whether it's for a nice, sit-down where you have plenty of time for chit-chat and a recap of the day or for a quick meal on-the-go when you are off to practice. Even better, this meal can be tailored to satisfy the taste-buds of each and every member of your family. Just grab your favorite fruits and veggies and add some spoonfuls of nuts and you have yourself a protein, vitamin and nutrient-rich meal that's packed with all of the ingredients to help your family feel good and be well!


Your favorite Nuts, Fruits and Veggies! Here are some ideas:

Pumpkin Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Green Beans
Almond Butter
Peanut Butter
Nut-free Butter
And more!
The possibilities are endless and can make quite a colorful and delicious plate! Enjoy!

You can either prepare one big tray with section for each ingredient and everyone can choose what they want to put on their plate or you can prepare each meal individually. Also, hummus and nut butters can also be fun for diipping! (You can use a nut-free butter for peanut-allergic kids, too!)

By Michelle Centamore

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