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Anti-aging, Integrative, and Conventional Medicine

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NAD+ is the latest in anti-aging treatment. NAD+ is provided by Northport Wellness Center Alliance Member and Medical Director of Replenish Health & Wellness Center, Dr. Robert J. Aquino.  Anti-aging, Integrative, and Conventional Medicine are vital to maintaining and achieving optimal health.

Introducing NAD+ Therapeutic Infusions, provided by Dr. Robert J. Aquino, Northport Wellness Center Alliance Member and Medical Director of Huntington-based Replenish Health & Wellness Center.
NAD+ therapeutic infusions can enhance mental performance, promote healthy aging, recovery and detox, and improve brain and neurological functions. 

What is NAD+ IV Therapy?
NAD is a metabolic co-enzyme present in your cells. It helps remodel and repair every cell in your body. You need a constant supply of NAD for this reparation to happen, but as you get older, your production of NAD naturally diminishes.

How is NAD+ Administered?
Treatments are administered with an intravenous infusion. NAD+ is used for wellness, the dose is administered in lower levels across a longer period of time.

What can NAD+ therapy do for my health?
NAD+ therapy restores your cells to a more youthful state. NAD+ therapy can help to:
•    Reduce cravings
•    Relieve fatigue
•    Improve brain fog
•    Boost energy
•    Improve concentration and mood

The IV delivery of NAD+ means your cells can make almost immediate use of the supplemental NAD. You experience improvements in how you feel rapidly and effectively. 

Types of NAD+ Infusions

There are several types of NAD+ Infusions, which include:

Perfect for when you really need to deliver results at work. From career driven executives to seasoned CEOs, get back on form and regain your edge. This infusion will be administered and completed within a few hours!

The works! This program can help increase your energy, improve your mood, strengthen your immune system and so much more!

Combat chronic fatigue. This infusion can help boost energy levels, reset your sleep, sharpen your brain and memory, and improve your cellular DNA repair.

The path to better, clearer and brighter skin is right here! Combat acne, uneven skin tones and sun damage with this NAD+ infusion program. When administered by medical professionals, like those at Replenish Health & Wellness Center, NAD+ IV therapy is safe. The procedure carries very few risks.

NAD+ is not a pharmaceutical or chemical treatment; the compound is already found in your cells. It effectively restores damaged or depleted cells.

To learn more about the natural and effective anti-aging treatment of NAD+ infusions, call (631) 547-4100 to schedule an appointment at Replenish Health & Wellness Center.
You can partner in your own health and wellness! Seek support from a health and wellness professional who can assist you in achieving optimal health.


About Dr. Aquino

revised aquino Dr. Robert J. Aquino is the Medical Director of Huntington-based wellness center, Replenish Health & Wellness, and the founder of Gold Coast Medical Wellness, PLLC.

 Dr. Aquino believes in the inside-outside concepts of anti-aging and healthy well-being with an integration of conventional medicine with aesthetic medicine including laser, micro needling, botox and filler treatments.

 Dr. Aquino's philosophy on health is: "Well-being is about feeling healthy and looking healthy."

Drawing on medical expertise and experience, Dr. Aquino works along with his healthcare team to help patients identify areas that would improve their wellness. He also educates them so that they can make more informed choices about their health. 

 Dr. Aquino and his team aim to assist their patients in improving their quality of life and overall appearance by combining wellness and integrative therapies with the utmost personalized care.

Look and Feel Your BEST with NAD+ — The Latest in Anti-aging, Integrative and Convention Medicine

Dr. Robert J. Aquino can be contacted at Replenish Health & Wellness and Gold Coast Medical Wellness PLLC, which are both located at 700 New York Avenue, Upper level, Huntington, NY 11743. For more information, call (631) 547-4100 or email


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