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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but truly, awareness for proactive health care for our entire body should be year-round. Introducing an innovative screening technology that can detect abnormalities not just in your breasts but also in all of your organs.

As you consider your breast health, why not consider the health of your entire body?

COMPUTER REGULATION THERMOGRAPHY offers individuals an alternative or complimentary means to assessing breast tissue, as well as other body organs, to evaluate health and prevent major health challenges.

How Does Computer Regulation Thermography Work?

Computer regulation thermography uses a very sensitive thermometer to detect disorders in organs by picking up heat variations throughout up to 114 points on the body with a wand-like device or probe. Results offer enormous insight into a person’s health. A patient stands in a room that has been cooled to 71 degrees. Computer regulation thermography measures the regulation before and after exposure to a cool air stress, so that all of the blood is shunted away from the outer extremities and goes to the outer core. The series of 114 points on the body are exposed to cool air stress for ten minutes and then repeated.

How does Computer Regulation Therapy Evaluate Breast Health Specifically?

Computer Regulation Therapy measures 32 points of interest in the breast for dysfunction including:

  • Mastectomy inflammation
  • Fibrocystic elements
  • Lymphatic load
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • And more.

Computer Regulation Thermography can also detect:

  • Global immune stress
  • Adrenal problems
  • Food sensitivities
  • Toxicities in teeth
  • And more.

Why Should I Consider Computer Regulation Thermography?

Computer Regulation Therapy is non-invasive. There are no known side effects from Computer Regulation Therapy. Unlike mammograms, Computer Regulation Thermography does not use radiation and does not compress the breast.

Computer Regulation Therapy is not just for women. Male, female, all ethnicities—Computer Regulation Therapy is safe and effective for all.

Get immediate results. No more sitting by the phone anxiously waiting for feedback. Results are displayed in the form of graphs and diagrams for analysis and are read and interpreted by a health care professional. A stress stimulus on the regulation thermogram shows up as normal, inflammatory, degenerative, rigid or blocked. 

Discover a potential problem before it actually is one. Computer Regulation Thermography provides an in-depth look into your body that can pinpoint areas of concern before they become a serious problem.

Make informed decisions about your health. Based on your individual test results, intervention strategies and/or suggestions for follow-up testing or care will be presented so that you can collaborate with your health care provider(s) to assist you in achieving optimal health.

Computer Regulation Thermography is available for your convenience at the Northport Wellness Center, one of the few facilities on Long Island that provide this innovative service.

Book an appointment for Computer Regulation Thermography in October and RECEIVE 20 PERCENT OFF!

To schedule an appointment, contact the Northport Wellness Center at (631) 262-8505 or visit Individuals who call to make an appointment in October will receive a 20 percent discount off that appointment. Appointments may be booked in October for November if there is a scheduling conflict.


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