What To Expect During a Typical Reiki Session

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What Happens During a Reiki Session?

Reiki is a natural, safe, energy-focused Japanese relaxation technique that promotes spiritual, emotional and physical healing. It can be an excellent complementary treatment for those trying to manage a chronic health condition or who are under a lot of stress. While every practitioner develops his or her own unique method to perform Reiki, there are several standard practices incorporated into each session.

During a typical Reiki session, a trained professional will hold special hand positions on different areas of the patient's body to help transport energy.

When patients first receive reiki healing, they will either lie down or sit in a chair. The practitioners want to create a sense of calmness and peace from the very beginning, so they'll usually play soft, soothing music, and recommend patients wear comfortable clothing. Many Reiki professionals operate out of their own office or at a  wellness center, where various health treatments are also offered.

Many people  gravitate toward Reiki healing to help address their anxiety or recover from an injury. Others simply desire to be more spiritually and emotional enlightened. Whatever the reason, your practitioner will want to learn more about you and your health.

Following a discussion about the client's goals, challenges, etc., the practitioner will scan the body to find out what areas need the most healing. This involves the practitioner hovering his or her hand over the patient’s body, beginning at the head and ending at the feet.

The hand-placement portion of the session is usually the next step, which also requires the most time. The practitioner will lightly place his or her hands on different areas of the patient’s body, including the head, torso, knees and feet, to transfer energy and encourage healing and inner-peace. Oftentimes, patients turn over onto their stomachs at some point in order for the practitioner to address any areas on the back needing such healing, too.

A Reiki session usually concludes once the hand sequence is completed. However, the practitioner will like speak to a patient afterward to see how he or she is feeling, as well as recommend additional appointments, if applicable. Patients are usually left feeling much more centered and calm. Some have described the experience as a feeling of spiritual warmth, or even radiance. Others may consider the therapy to be nothing short of miraculous.


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