What is Rolfing?

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Patient gets rolfing treatment to relieve lumbar back pain.

Do you dream of having a flexible and balanced body that is free from pain, stiffness and chronic stress? Do you envision going through your day with a body that is able to adapt to life's physical, mental and emotional challenges? If you long for a body that feels better and moves more easily, then Rolfing may be right for you. 

What is Rolfing®?

Rolfing is a hands-on manipulation developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf over 50 years ago. It works on the connective tissue to release, realign and balance the whole body. Rolfing can enhance your posture and freedom of movement. It can help to resolve pain and discomfort from many different causes, including back pain, repetitive motion injury, trauma, and aging. Rolfing is also an excellent foundation for and complement to Yoga, Pilates and other personal wellness practices.

How does Rolfing® Work?

Rolfing aims to align and balance components of the body until the entire system is a smoothly functioning coordinated whole. For example, the legs are aligned to the hips, shoulders to rib cage, the body is positioned over the feet, and then all of these joints and related tissue is integrated to one another.

Some of the many benefits people experience from Rolfing are:

  • Reduced pain
  • Enhanced sense of body awareness
  • Improved posture

These wonderful transformations are possible because Rolfing addresses the body’s internal system of flexible support, otherwise known as fascia. Fascia surrounds ever muscle fiber, encases all joints and even has a role in the nervous system.

How does Rolfing correct misalignments and improve health?

To correct internal misalignments, a practitioner uses mild, direct pressure to melt or release facial holdings and allow the body to find health through the reestablishment of balance. It is believed that the slow, deep strokes of Rolfing stimulate the sensory neurons of the muscle nerve, which in turn triggers the nervous system to reduce the tension of the related muscles and fascia. This allows the brain and nervous system to “re-boot” areas of the body that are receiving too much electrical stimulation (chronically tight or sore muscles). Once a healthy level of muscle contraction is established, someone’s entire structure is free to express a pain free from.

What is the Ten Series?

The hallmark of Rolfing Structural Integration is a standardized “recipe” known as the Ten Series, the goal of which is to systematically balance and optimize both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of the entire body over the course of ten Rolfing sessions. Each session focuses on freeing restrictions or holding strapped in a particular region of the body. A practitioner also maintains a holistic view of the client’s entire system during each session, thus ensuring the transformational process evolves in a comfortable and harmonious way.

Transform your body and improve your quality of life with Rolfing!

Rolfing is provided by Patty Murphy of the Patchogue Wellness Center, a Northport Wellness Center Alliance Member.

Pathchogue Wellness Center is located at 157 North Ocean Avenue, Patchogue, New York 11772. To learn more about how rolfing can help you experience relief from pain, healing and recovery, call (631) 627-2428.


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