Daniella Clavell

Founder, The Foundation for Optimal Health

Daniella Clavell


Support for individuals living with auto-immune symptoms and disease

Daniella Clavell obtained her Master of Arts (M.A) in Health Advocacy from Sarah Lawrence College in 2013. Fueled by her personal health challenges, she understood the intricacies of the healthcare system and was driven to help individuals navigate and advocate for their health on their own behalf.

Daniella completed her thesis researching the history and social construct of Multiple Sclerosis. She conducted an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved survey of patients with MS in order to promote patient education and implemented a patient health sharing community for individuals to communicate and share findings with one another. Daniella’s work includes researching the barrier to the admissions and discharge process between nursing homes and hospitals. Her suggestions were implemented by management of the facility to improve patient quality of care. Daniella has also organized a 300 person conference for a local non-profit which promoted self-determination for people with developmental disabilities.

In 2018 Daniella was granted the opportunity to work with a team of professionals on a protocol that changed her personal health path in a pivotal way. Through therapies, supplements, diet and lifestyle she dramatically changed her personal health approach. Daniella continues on her journey to wellness and is thriving.

Daniella’s passion lies in wanting to help others control their own health and wellness journey. She wants to pass the gift she received onward and believes through education, research and guidance anyone can take charge of their future and write their own story.

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