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Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, Garrett Athenas utilizes his expertise in nutrition, vitamins and supplements to assist his clients in achieving their wellness goals.

Good nutrition begins with understanding not only how food affects health in general, but also learning the specific foods your body needs—and doesn’t need—to function at an optimal level. Garrett’s experiences and interactions in the health, food and wellness industry have enabled him to successfully assist his clients in getting healthy and feeling better about their body on the inside and out.

Garrett began his journey in nutrition education in 2005 in Arizona. He worked as a vitamin consultant and became intrigued at the positive impact vitamins, supplements and dietary changes could have on individuals of all ages and various levels of health.

At C.W. Post Long Island University, New York, Garrett was able to further his education in nutrition. He graduated from C.W. Post’s Dietetics program in 2009 and later attended Nutritional Therapy School in New York City. It was through this program that Garrett gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for how food and lifestyle could affect digestion, sleep, mood and overall health.

While working at the Vitamin Shoppe, Garrett attended the University of Bridgeport and achieved a Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition in 2015. The two-year program enabled him to best understand the physiology, biochemistry and anatomy of how to best help his clients in their quest for health. Garrett then completed his Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist test and obtained the New York State Certificate as a Certified Dietary Nutritionist License. Garrett also completed a post-graduate Genetic Nutrition course form the Functional Genomic Analysis Program while working as Product Development Specialist in the Vitamin and Supplement Industry. 

At the Northport Wellness Center, Garrett applies his knowledge, experience and passion for health and nutrition to assist others in reaching their individual health and wellness goals.

Garrett’s goal is to empower individuals with education and tools so that looking and feeling good becomes a natural part of their daily life. He utilizes a metabolic and genetic approach to dietary changes to help his clients attain individualized health care that can even accommodate a busy schedule.

With expert guidance and support, and a commitment to make small yet powerful changes in your life, you can achieve and maintain optimal health. 

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Northport Wellness Center at (631) 262-8505.

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