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The Northport Wellness Center welcomes Dr. Julian Herskowitz, PhD clinical psychologist at Terrap Anxiety Treatment as an affiliate member of our facility. Dr. Herskowitz has been practicing for over 36 years and has directed the largest and most successful branch of the only national anxiety and phobia treatment center in the country, TERRAP Anxiety and Phobia Care. He is particularly pleased to be supervising and mentoring a uniquely talented and wonderful group of over 12 professionals whose exemplary work providing specialized treatment is a source of great pride and satisfaction.

Dr. Herskowitz has treated thousands of patients with complex anxiety and fears as well as other related and unrelated problems. His methods and techniques encompass all modalities including cognitive behavior therapy, emotional reeducation, expressive techniques, and other research- based interventions that are all designed to empower the individual with strategies and methods so they no longer feel like a victim to excessive anxiety, worry, or fear.

Dr. Herskowitz is passionate about helping individuals recover from all types of anxiety and other disorders. He truly believes that with effective therapeutic tools, recovery from anxiety is possible, and a happier, more productive life can be achieved and maintained. Dr. Herskowitz maintains a full-time private practice with offices throughout Long Island, NY. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and has been awarded Diplomate status by the American Academy of Behavioral Medicine. In recognition of his expertise in the field, Dr. Herskowitz has been featured on TV shows such as Geraldo, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Best Talk in Town and has been frequently quoted on Web MD, Newsday, and other media.

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