Dr. Lawrence Palevsky Videos

Watch & Listen to Dr Palevsky’s Powerful Testimonies in Two Separate Public Hearings on Vaccines in Connecticut

Legislative Informational Forum on Public School Immunizations - November 22nd 2019


Public Hearing in front of the Public Health Committee in Connecticut - February 19th 2020

Dr Palevsky and Dr Sherr Chat on Facebook Live

For over a decade, this dynamic duo has collaborated to assist their patients in achieving optimal health utilizing natural and alternative practices and partnering with their patients to create a health care plan that best meets their wellness needs and goals.

Dr Mercola Interviews Dr Palevsky on Vaccines

The Detox Project

Science Must Always Be Questioning Itself

News 12 Long Island: Long Island Naturally - November 2008 with Mary Mucci - “The Vaccine Controversy”

News 12 Long Island: Long Island Naturally - November 2008 with Mary Mucci - “The Vaccine Controversy”

Your Health Your Choice - November 2008 with Drs. Tami & Bret Hartman - "How to Raise Healthy Children”

Your Health Your Choice, - October 2008 - with Drs. Tami and Bret Hartman - "The Vaccination Controversy"

Shoot ‘em Up – Documentary

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky Podcasting

Dr. Palevsky Speaks About Best Pediatric Practices on 'The HighWire' Podcast

Intelligent Medicine: Vaccine Safety Challenged Part 1

Hoff Man Podcast

Intelligent Medicine: Vaccine Safety Challenged Part 2

Microbiome Medicine Summit

Micro Biome Summit

Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth Summit

Fertility Pregnancy Summit

Vaccination Safety

In this episode of Pandora's Box, co-host Lyn Patrick talks with Dr. Larry Palevsky, about the recent measles outbreak that has led to blaming of parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, proposed legislation for mandatory vaccination, and vaccine safety and the potential risks of vaccination. Click Here

Nurturing the Spirit of Your Child

Dr Laura Brayton, pediatric Chiropractor, chats with holistic health care experts on wellness lifestyle for preconception, pregnancy, birth and through early motherhood. Here, she interviews Dr Palevsky on Nurturing the Spirit of Your Child

One Radio Network

Patrick Timpone discusses healing the whole child naturally with Dr Palevsky. View Website

London Today with Andy Oudman

Andy Oudman (1290 AM CJBK, London ON) and Pam Killeen interview Dr Palevksy about the dubious claims of safety and efficacy surrounding vaccines.

Holistic Pediatric Medicine

Radio Interview with Natural News.

Are Vaccines Safe and Effective?

Radio Interview with The Gary Null Show.

Interview with Natalia Rose's Life Force Families

Radio Interview with The Conscious Living Guide, December, 2010

Urbanology Radio Interview with Tony Rogers October 2008

Interview with Dr. Palevsky on Sister Space, KPFT Houston, November, 2009

CBS Radio Interview with Sean Adams

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