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Everything You Need to Know About Childhood Immunisations On Reconditioned With Lauren Vaknine 

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Earlier this year, Lauren Vaknine interviewed Dr Palevsky about the C*v*d injection, and it has turned out to be the most popular and most downloaded episode of all time! Since people continue to be thirsty for knowledge and truth, and many parents are burning with questions about childhood immunisations, Lauren recorded a new episode with Dr Palevsky dedicated solely to this topic.

In the episode they cover:

  • Why children get sick
  • Vaccine ingredients
  • How vaccines work
  • Which ones to question
  • The truth about Polio and Smallpox
  • Why they can be connected with neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, infections, allergies and more
  • The safety of childhood vaccines
  • And SO much more

Tune in now to soak up the knowledge and inspiration this interview promises.

Dr Palevsky on the Designed to Heal Podcast - "The Lost Natural Resource of Curiosity"

Dr. Larry Podcast 2

In this episode Dr. Larry talks to Dr Ben about the desperate need to restore natural human curiosity for learning and critical thinking.

Vaccination Myths and Misconceptions Cleared with Dr Lawrence Palevsky on the Elevated Parenting with Dr Chloe Weber

Elevated Parenting Cover 1

In this episode, Dr. Lawrence Palevsky debunks the myths and misinformation that surround vaccinations. Chloe and Dr. Palevsky also discuss the lack of critical thinking and unbiased research in the medical field, as well as the ongoing fight against censorship, especially in relation to vaccinations and COVID.

Dr Palevsky on the Everything Home Talk Show

213 Everything Home Talk Show - Dr. Larry Palevsky

"The Covid19 Political Propaganda Plandemic, Facts & Truth "

Dr Palevsky Discusses EVERYTHING You Need to Know About the Covid Vaccine ...on Reconditioned with Lauren Vaknine

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In this interview, Dr Palevsky talks in depth about how the messenger RNA technology works, about the ingredients (and the lack of information offered about the ingredients by the pharmaceutical companies), how the synthetic spike protein works, what parts of the body it is most likely to affect, what the long-term effects are likely to be, how to avoid it and so much more.

Dr Palevsky is Interviewed on the Wise Traditions Podcast (Weston A. Price Foundation)

Wise Traditions Palevsky Podcast Interview

The COVID Shot: No Turning Back

What are the consequences of this worldwide vaccination mobilization? Dr. Larry Palevsky, a NYS-licensed pediatrician and a past president of the American Holistic Medical Association, offers words of warning on today’s podcast. 

Dr Palevsky on the Future Generations Podcast With Dr Stanton Hom

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In this episode, Dr. Larry Palevsky brings a refreshing worldview to the reality of where we are as a global society. He shares through his 34 years of clinical experience and devotion to the Health Freedom movement how we have no business trying to change the old systems and to begin to envision and build the new. He’s crystal clear about the dangers of the CV-19 Injection for our Future Generations and offers a completely new outlook on the subject of vaccination and whole body resilience we can all get behind.
This is a powerful podcast, not to be missed!

Listen to this Follow Up Interview with Dr Palevsky on Bards FM.

Dr Palevsky Returns to Bards FM

Dr Palevsky returns to share yet more vital information on our current situation. Don’t miss this candid talk.

Listen to Dr Palevsky Interviewed on the Dr. Heather Uncensored Podcast

Dr. Heather-1

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest Dr. Lawrence Palevsky - The Ugly Truth of the Current Jabs

Palevsky Ugly Truth About Current Jabs - Science of Self Healing


Read More Here: https://www.biologicalmedicineinstitute.com/lawrence-palevsky

Dr Palevsky Speaks with Cass & Len Arcuri on Their Podcast - Autism Parenting Secrets

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Children Want CONNECTION, Not Attention.

A recurring theme throughout this discussion is the importance of HOW we interact with our kids. It’s super useful to be clear on our intent.


Listen to this Powerful Interview with Bard FM: A Conversation with Dr Larry Palevsky

Bard FM Interview Graphic


Dr Palevsky Starts at Minute 8:14

The Elevated Podcast: Critical Thinking with Dr Larry Palevsky

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In this episode Peter sits down with Dr. Larry Palevsky, a NYS board certified pediatrician.

Topics of conversation include:

*The critical thinking required to raise levels of consciousness & the possible cognitive Dissonance associated w/ such levels of thinking.

*Making sense of SARS-COV-2

*The current mask trend and what it represents.

*The relationship between the Hind, Mid, and Forebrain.

*The impulsive actions that have been facilitated by the current state of fear.

*Devotions to false gods and false prophets.

*Falsification of death certificates.

*The C19 "Injection"...and much more...

Dr Palevsky on The Way Forward Podcast

The Way Forward

Dr Palevsky in conversation with Alec Zeck on The Way Forward Podcast. Don't Miss This!

Dr Palevsky on Innovative Medicine:

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The Story Behind Vaccines with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky 

Not many topics are as polarizing as vaccines. But with more children and more adults in a chronic state of disease, is the idea that health must come through a needle the right one?
This podcast is dedicated to asking questions and reviewing the data, science, and experience surrounding vaccines. This is the story behind vaccines with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky.


Intelligent Medicine: Vaccine Safety Challenged Part 1

Hoff Man Podcast

Intelligent Medicine: Vaccine Safety Challenged Part 2

Microbiome Medicine Summit

Micro Biome Summit

Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth Summit

Fertility Pregnancy Summit

Vaccination Safety

In this episode of Pandora's Box, co-host Lyn Patrick talks with Dr. Larry Palevsky, about the recent measles outbreak that has led to blaming of parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, proposed legislation for mandatory vaccination, and vaccine safety and the potential risks of vaccination. Click Here

Nurturing the Spirit of Your Child

Dr Laura Brayton, pediatric Chiropractor, chats with holistic health care experts on wellness lifestyle for preconception, pregnancy, birth and through early motherhood. Here, she interviews Dr Palevsky on Nurturing the Spirit of Your Child

One Radio Network

Patrick Timpone discusses healing the whole child naturally with Dr Palevsky. View Website

London Today with Andy Oudman

Andy Oudman (1290 AM CJBK, London ON) and Pam Killeen interview Dr Palevksy about the dubious claims of safety and efficacy surrounding vaccines.

Holistic Pediatric Medicine

Radio Interview with Natural News.

Are Vaccines Safe and Effective?

Radio Interview with The Gary Null Show.

Interview with Natalia Rose's Life Force Families

Radio Interview with The Conscious Living Guide, December, 2010

Urbanology Radio Interview with Tony Rogers October 2008

Interview with Dr. Palevsky on Sister Space, KPFT Houston, November, 2009

CBS Radio Interview with Sean Adams

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