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Meghan Sheehy began her career path as a high school math teacher and coach in Massachusetts. Although she truly loved teaching and coaching, she felt a void that she found was unable to be filled. After 10 years of searching, Meghan decided to become a nurse.

“My strong desire to help people and offer empathy and compassion, mixed with my passion for health and fitness, made me hope this change was it,” says Meghan, who was entered into Stony Brook University's Accelerated Nursing Program and passed her nursing boards in 2020.

It wasn't until nursing school that Meghan found what she was looking for all of those years. She met Stacy Palaske, fellow Northport Wellness Center Alliance member and co-founder of Village Vitality and says that they were instantly connected. They had a shared passion for helping others and also valued the taking care of oneself. Meghan says it was Stacy who inspired her to learn more about holistic healing methods. She concluded that her passion wasn't just to help people, but to also educate on healthier lifestyles and encourage people to take control of their own health journey.

Meghan is a new mom to a beautiful little girl. Transitioning into motherhood, she says, has taught her even more about the importance of taking control of her own health.

Village Vitality provides services, such as colon hydrotherapy, for individuals who want to improve or enhance their health.

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Free Guide Five things you can do to make this week more enjoyable for you and your family