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Melissa Jennings, LCSW-R

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Northport Wellness Center Alliance Member, Melissa Jennings, LCSW-R is an integrative psychotherapist, subtle energy scientist, sound and crystal healer, child yoga and mindfulness instructor, speaker, writer, spiritual entrepreneur, professor of biology and social work and former Waldorf teacher. She has led children, families and professionals on a path to healing and discovering their core essence for over 20 years.

A survivor of complex trauma, Melissa continues to do the inner work, and on her quest to explore alternative healing modalities, she has been recognized as a mystic and been mentored by the leaders of the scientific and metaphysical community to create an ecological cosmic worldview on how to heal the collective. 

In her practice Melissa blends an array of holistic and scientific approaches to treat the body, mind and soul.  She is a certified Bio-Well Practitioner, Past Life Regressionist, trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, and a Child Centered Play and Sand Play Therapist. She is certified in Acutonics © and Biosonics © Tuning Forks and uses cutting edge modalities combining the use of sound, color, crystals and gemstones.


Healing with Melissa


Bio-Well health assessments offer a unique picture of your health state, measuring how our bodies are managing and adapting to stress. The Bio-Well is a modern-day Kirlian Photography device from Russia. Through images created by the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Technique, the Bio-Well analysis and report detects subtle energy changes and evaluates the psycho-spiritual-emotional connections and correlations in your body. This allows the individual to “see” and measure interventions and their validity. Personalized sound mediations are created as a result of the evaluation that allow the client to continue their healing after assessment. With the results, Melissa works with a team of doctors and wellness professionals to personally tailor detox programs to foster optimal health and wellness. 

Given her vast knowledge, intuitive abilities and her undying passion to heal, Melissa has guided thousands of souls on their journeys to wellness. Melissa created a sacred program entitled Spiritual Bootcamp © that equips beginner and experienced healers with ancient modalities and tools to transmute darkness into light.

Melissa has been recognized as a visionary by her peers with her innate ability to connect, lead, and organize the light workers of the world to birth a new nation built on love, light and freedom.


Additional Services


  • Art Therapy
  • Acutonics © Tuning Fork Therapy
  • Bio-Sonics © Tuning Fork Therapy
  • Bio-Well Stress and Energy Assessments
  • Child Centered Play Therapy
  • Child/Adolescent Therapy
  • Child/Adolescent Yoga Therapy
  • Color Light Therapy
  • Crystal Healing
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Parenting Education
  • Past Life Regression
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Sound Therapy
  • Sand Play Therapy
  • Spiritual Bootcamp ©
  • Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Workshops/Education/Consulting

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