Autism Recovery

The Northport Wellness Center’s Autism Recovery program focuses on treating individuals who display symptoms of autism.

Created by Director Dr. Alan Sherr, this program’s objective is to help your child recover from autism through various, alternative treatment plans that combine services and therapies we already provide individually to our patients.

Dealing with an autism diagnosis can be difficult. But with the Northport Wellness Center’s assistance, your child can move forward on the path towards recovery.

The first step in doing so is making an appointment for a consultation in which we can meet with you and your child. While many children are diagnosed with autism every year, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every case is the same. During this initial introduction, we will get to know your child and the severity of his or her autism in order to devise a carefully laid-out treatment plan that we believe will be the most beneficial.

Some of the treatment options offered can be comprised of any or all of the following services:

autism recovery

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