Health & Wellness Coaching

Many individuals know what they need to do to feel and look their best, yet they struggle with implementing small changes that generate momentum toward triumphs in their longevity.

A health and wellness coach can help those who need guidance in creating, maintaining and sustaining routines that are the building blocks to a healthier lifestyle.

When life becomes overcomplicated, it can be very difficult to structure time to take care of oneself. This can snowball into a series of coping mechanisms that yield unhealthy patterns. Sometimes, we need an outside perspective coupled with inner guidance to evolve to the greatest version of ourselves.

At the Northport Wellness Center, Northport Wellness Center Alliance Member and Certified Health and Wellness Coach Jadenae`A. Trabacchi can help you to discover your best self so that you can enjoy a greater quality of life.

Frameworks Implemented in Health & Wellness Coaching include:

• Motivational Interviewing
• Appreciative Inquiry
• Non-Violent Communication
• Positive Psychology
• Human Design
• Ayurveda
• All Dietary and Nutrition Theories
• Primary Food preceding Nutrition
• Building a Wellness Vision
• Bio-Individuality
• Crowding Out vs. Elimination Protocols
• Deconstruction of Cravings
• De-Evolution and Relapse Plans
• Client-centered, Differentiated approach
• Addressing, coping, and supporting autoimmune conditions and diagnoses
• Addressing, coping, and supporting anxiety and depression
• Addressing, coping, and supporting addiction
• Addressing, coping, and supporting social justice.

Jadenae' inspires those who need guidance in taking the first step toward a lifestyle of balance and fulfillment, through aligning her client’s personal health goals with their purpose in life. Her goal is to inspire collective vitality and purpose. She believes that every action we take and choice we make creates a ripple effect that influences those around us.

Jadenae is committed to supporting anyone, regardless of which walk of life or path they take, as long as they are willing to take the first step on their journey of health and wellness.

To schedule an appointment with Jadenae' or to learn more, call (631) 484-1127, email her at or visit


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