Homeopathy is both an art and a science.

Homeopathy works on the body/mind system as a whole, aiming to promote physical and mental well-being. Looking beyond labels that are traditionally given to disorders, homeopathy seeks to strengthen the underlying imbalance or disorder that lies within a person.

Homeopathic remedies act as a catalyst, whereby the energy of the remedy stimulates the body’s own “vital force” to strengthen itself, enabling the disease state to resolve naturally. This process is set in motion by taking potentised minute doses of a natural substance—which, if taken by a healthy person in larger material doses, would produce the very same symptoms that the sick person is experiencing.

The remedy Apis, for example, made from the honey bee, helps to reduce any hot swellings occurring with burning, stinging pains. Anyone who has been stung by a bee can identify with these sensations. This is an illustration of one of the basic laws of homeopathy—“the Law of Similars”, or “like cures like” (i.e., matching the person’s symptoms with symptoms that a specific substance can cause).

By using intellectual understanding and perception, together with sound homeopathic principles and material medical knowledge, the homeopath’s intention is to find a remedy that resonates with the whole health picture of a person. The matching of remedy to person is a lengthy process that starts with the initial consultation, which may take up to two hours, or more, depending on the individual practitioner.

With open communication and careful listening, the homeopath will attempt to understand the inner world of the person who comes to them for help and the root cause of any mental or physical concerns.


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