Integrative Medical Healing


Integrative Medical Healing at the Northport Wellness Center is provided by Dr. Kristine Blanche, PA.-C., Ph.D. Dr. Blanche also provides thermography testing at our facility.

Integrative medical care values the following principles and practices:

Doctor as Teacher

Patients are provided with essential information to make informed choices, while being encouraged to take a more active role in their health care. Knowledge is power.

Treat the Whole Person All aspects of health and wellness are addressed by treating each patient as a unique individual. Discover your optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

Prevention Integrative medical care helps prevent disease by assessing risk factors, identifying susceptibility to disease and educating patients on practices that are health restoring and promoting.

First Do No Harm Noninvasive procedures are used to diagnose and natural remedies are used to treat. Integrative medical care avoids the suppression of symptoms and respects each individual’s self-healing process and journey.

Identify & Treat The Cause The primary goal is to identify the underlying cause of an illness and to remove obstacles to recovery. Symptoms are not just treated; they are used to understand what may be actually causing them. Incoming patients complete a comprehensive questionnaire, receive a thorough history and physical examination (that includes an evaluation of weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, urine analysis and full medical exam).

Dr. Blanche spends time with each patient listening to their story like a detective. She listens for patterns, and red flags. She analyzes how a body maybe out of balance. She works together with the patient as a partner to create a plan for what we need to do to optimize health and prevent disease.

A customized treatment plan is developed to treat the “whole” patient, including, medical needs, lifestyle, stress, emotional factors, diet and nutrition. Patient’s participation in their own treatment best supports an outcome of enhanced well-being.

Integrative Medicine