Wellness Alliance

Who Can Participate in the Alliance?

We personally interview and vet practitioners who share our values and are aligned philosophically with the holistic treatment modalities we have championed for decades. Practitioners on Long Island and the five boroughs are eligible to participate once they have cleared our interview process and demonstrated a commitment to the Alliance and the promise to be extremely responsive to those who inquire for services.


What is the Wellness Alliance?


The Wellness Alliance is a virtual office referral program offered exclusively by the Northport Wellness Center, the premier destination for natural and holistic medical services on Long Island. As more people are drawn into holistic modalities, the demand for our services is stronger than ever. In order to accommodate the overwhelming number of inquiries we receive, the Center is launching this exclusive referral program to align with practitioners in the region who share our values and provide outstanding patient care.

Benefits of the Alliance



As medical professionals, you understand all too well how challenging it is to stay focused on the day to-day operations of your practice, expand your networking opportunities and sharpen your skills. Technology is changing quickly and the needs of the patient population are increasing. And so are their expectations. Patients expect immediate feedback and the ability to interact with providers in a digital environment. For example, more than 60% of all search queries are initiated from mobile phones, which is a sea change in the way patients discover services in today’s world.


Because it can be expensive to build a digital infrastructure and manage it on your own, the Alliance offers the perfect solution to this pain point. The Wellness Alliance is built on HubSpot, the most sophisticated marketing automation platform in the world and managed by a group of digital marketing specialists. Our lead generation efforts have increased foot traffic and revenue to the Center itself by 22% in the past year alone. This growth was the impetus to create the Alliance to ensure that patients can be paired with providers quickly and efficiently.


Participating in the Wellness Alliance program with a virtual office allows you to build your reputation and digital presence within our sophisticated infrastructure while maintaining your independence as a physician or practitioner.

How Does It Work?

Once you have been approved to participate in the Alliance, our digital marketing team builds out a landing page environment on our website that provides biographical data, contact information and modalities of treatments that you provide. If you have an existing website, our team will create link exchanges between our sites to properly align our services on the search engines. Any content created that aligns with your specialties will automatically be tagged to appear in your environment and “call-to-action” to contact your office will be included on the page. Because of the heavy volume of patients we see, your participation in the Wellness Alliance program may provide an opportunity for our practitioners and other members of the Wellness Alliance to refer patients directly. We will also feature your profile periodically on our social media sites and our content team will interview you for upcoming articles on our website that position you as a thought leader in your particular area of expertise.

This virtual office and marketing platform is contracted on a semi-annual basis. Contact our offices to interview with us and inquire about pricing. These terms automatically review for successive six month terms unless written notice of termination is provided 30 days prior to the term expiration. If approved for participation in the Alliance, a fully executable virtual lease arrangement will be issued for your review. If renewals are successive without interruption, Alliance members will enjoy the benefit of zero increases in the agreement. Any provider who exits the Alliance and wishes to rejoin in the future will be subjected to prevailing rates at the time. As part of the Alliance, all practitioners agree to uphold a high measure of ethical standards and practices that will be updated and reviewed from time-to-time.

This virtual office and marketing platform is contracted on a semi-annual basis. Contact our offices to interview with us and inquire about pricing.