The Northport Wellness Center offers clients acupuncture services and healing with Chinese herbs to assist in achieving recovery and peace for the body, mind and soul.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely thin needles in your skin at strategic points on your body. Having originated in China some 3,500 years ago, it is one of the oldest, most commonly used systems of healing in the world. It is believed to keep the balance between yin and yang, thus allowing for the normal flow of qi throughout the body and restoring health to both the mind and body.

Chinese Herbs

The energetic classification of herbs is a science that has been refined over the last 3,000 years and relied upon for the healing of ailments. The focus of herbalism is to support the body’s self-healing ability. Herbs nourish us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When we take herbs, the essence enters the acupuncture meridian and adjusts the vital flow of energy in the body. Herbs are strong foods, so by eating them we enrich ourselves with a vast array of nutrients.

By blending the healing properties of both acupuncture and Chinese herbs, you can achieve a greater piece of mind and quality of life.

Woman receiving acupuncture treatment to her face

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