Holistic Pediatric Care

The Northport Wellness Center’s Holistic Pediatric team aim to inform, support and empower parents to become the primary health care providers for their children. We promote the idea that pediatricians and parents are a team, and are granted the task of determining the most effective wellness path for a child and their family.

In pediatric health care, the art of applying the core principle that children have the innate capacity to heal is what makes the holistic approach an advantage for ultimate healing and the maintenance of optimal health. It is our professional belief that children need to experience symptoms in order for their bodies to heal and stay well, and that wellness in children can be successfully restored and maintained if we stop suppressing the symptoms they express during their acute and chronic illnesses.

Our team encourages parents to allow their children to express their symptoms when they are sick. Though we recognize how challenging it is for both parents and health care practitioners to let children have their symptoms without suppressing them—as it is hard for us to watch them “suffer”—we believe that the answer isn’t giving them something to bring immediate relief. This reflexive response to suppress their symptoms weakens them and delays the healing process. Instead, using certain remedies that do not alter the important physiology which is helping them cleanse their systems can enable children to feel better and heal more effectively.

The Northport Wellness Center works with families to remove the known, and as-yet-to-be identified interferences, which are stopping children from harnessing their innate natural healing abilities. Our job is to observe the symptoms children experience, permit the process to unfold on its own, and intervene when necessary to make them more comfortable, all while working with the children’s parents to make sure the necessary healing process is underway.

Opportunities to advance children’s health may include changes in nutrition, lifestyle, parenting and education, as well as the use of supplements, essential oils or herbs and finding ways to reduce stress levels. It’s also common to work with other health professionals, such as homeopaths, acupuncturists, and chiropractors.

Ultimately, our goals in prevention and treatment are to ensure that we respect the innate capacity that children have to heal, causing no harm to the health and stability of their maturing immune, nervous and digestive systems.

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