Ketosis, or “keto”, is a natural state for the body in which it becomes almost completely fueled by fat through eating a ketogenic diet: low carb, moderate protein, lots of healthy fats.  As babies, we are all born in a state of ketosis and remain that way until we begin eating solid foods. We also dip into a state of ketosis when we enter prolonged periods of not eating, or fasting, including while we are asleep. It is highly likely that you wake up in a ketogenic state!

While in ketosis, the body is producing ketones. These small molecules are used as fuel when we have depleted our glucose or blood sugar supply. Ketones are produced in the liver, from fat, as we eat very few carbs and a moderate amount of protein. The entire body—including the brain—consumes ketones as fuel.  

Those who follow a ketogenic lifestyle switch their fuel sources back to the way we were born; we run almost entirely on fat. Insulin hormones dip to low levels and we rapidly burn stored fat for fuel.

Outside of weight loss, ketonians experience sustained energy, mental focus, exercise endurance, and many more health benefits, such as disease prevention and treatment.

The mission of Healing Healthy Happy Keto is to take your personal health on a transformative journey from a place of lethargy and carb addiction to that of euphoria and fat-burning! It’s for people ready to change their lives to a place of healing where they are truly experiencing good health and pure joy. Mena’s online programs and in-person trainings help make this lifestyle more accessible to busy people trying to juggle it all.

Burn Fat. Prevent disease. Clear brain fog. Feel better.

As a wife and mother of two children, Northport Wellness Center Alliance Member and Ketogenic Lifestyle Mentor and Wellness Consultant, Mena Freed knows the demands of modern American individuals and families. It's incredibly challenging juggling home-life, family, and work. That’s why Mena has embraced a Ketogenic Lifestyle and enjoys educating others so that they can look and feel their best.

Mena’s training and passion are all about getting results—not just in terms of fat loss, but in improving overall quality of life. Everyone deserves to be able to fulfill their daily routine with delicious fatty foods that fuel their brains and build their bodies.


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