Personal Training

When you train at the Northport Wellness Fitness Center, you are given the tools needed to get STRONGER. If your goal is to lose body fat, run faster or just be able to go about your daily activities with more energy and minus any aches and pains, you have to build a STRONGER body!

The foundation of our Personal Training program is strength-training, which, when done properly, can lead to better mobility, balanced body composition, improved posture and an overall feeling of enhanced health.

The Northport Wellness Fitness Center’s one-on-one, personal training studio on Long Island, which is conveniently located on the second floor of the Northport Wellness Center, will provide you with a comfortable, welcoming, workout space. We will instruct you on how to use your own body weight, barbells, dumbbells, and kettle bells.

Your first session at the Northport Wellness Fitness Center will include a Functional Movement Screening Assessment, which will enable us to assess your current mobility and design personalized workouts tailored to meet your individual fitness needs and goals. In addition to your in-house fitness program, we will create workouts for you to do outside of your sessions. We also offer nutritional counseling for those who are looking to make a change not just in their personal fitness, but their diet as well.

We are currently offering a free half-hour session so that you can experience the atmosphere of the studio and learn more about the benefits of personal training.

Personal trainer working with his client working with free weights

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