The Children’s Achievement Network strives to provide comprehensive ABA therapy at their clinic, in your home or the community.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science that involves using principles that have been scientifically proven to reduce maladaptive behaviors and teach socially significant skills by modifying the environment. Through ABA, qualified professionals are able to assess the relationship between a targeted behavior (behavior you want to change) and the environment in which it occurs.  

ABA interventions are best known for treating people with Autism and other developmental disabilities. They can be helpful in teaching new skills, managing compulsive or repetitive behaviors, improving functional language, reducing problematic behaviors, and enhancing social skills.  

Applied Behavior Analysis at The Children’s Achievement Network

Northport Wellness Center Alliance Member, Kimberly Canino is a New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA), Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). At Kimberly's company, the Children’s Achievement Network, all interventions used in therapists’ treatment plans are derived from evidence-based practices and are supported with research.  Kimberly’s team of professionals are trained in the principals and practices of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Their direct care staff are experienced and many hold their own board certificates as Registered Behavior Technicians.

The goal of the Children’s Achievement Network is to increase the quality of life of the families they service.  Services don’t stop at the client; therapists provide support to families and can coordinate care with medical and educational teams. 

Through comprehensive assessments, ABA therapists create meaningful goals to help individuals and families live more positive, productive, and enriched lives.  

The Children’s Achievement Network family-like team is always working to better the lives of their clients. The organization provides services working with clients of varying needs.  They’re able to support clients with significant behavior challenges, as well as those who need additional support learning daily living, social and communication skills. 

The Children’s Achievement Network also provide services to clients as young at 2, who are emergent speakers, through assessment based verbal behavior programs. Services are all individualized and can include 1:1 direct ABA therapy, parent training, and social skills groups. 

Assist your child in reaching their full potential with services provided by Kimberly Canino!

Health and wellness are a large part of Kimberly's life. She values holistic practices and enjoys being a part of a comprehensive team that can meet all of the needs of her clients. Kimberly's number one goal is that your child meets their goals and rises to their true potential.  

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