Man Up Detoxification

The Northport Wellness Center is pleased to partner with Dr. Kristine Blanche of the Integrated Healing Center to offer Man Up Detox. This extraordinary detoxification program is formulated especially for men who want to accomplish a healthier body and mind. Become better educated and empowered to take control of your health and gain a greater quality of life. Become stronger, healthier and happier, too.

The Man Up Detox Program incorporates critical supplements to assist in detoxification. They include: OptiCleanse GHI, Drainage, ColonX, TestoPlex, D3 5000 and 5-MTHF Plus B12

The Man Up Detox includes:

  • Detox Manual
  • Delicious Detox Shake
  • 3 Detox Daily Supplements in easy to swallow pills and simple instructions
  • Access to the private membership site featuring:
  • Pre-cleanse video to educate you on the goals on the Man Up Detox
  • Daily motivational e-mails and guidance to guarantee you will stay motivated, stay committed and finish a better man
  • Green Smoothie Video (with easy to follow recipes)
  • Tutorials from Kristine in her educational detox videos
  • Stress relief modules that work and are easy to use in your daily busy life
  • Detox power points to explain how your body is fixing itself in 21 days
  • Invitation to the private Man Up detox group with access to recipes, tips and constant motivation

Take back your body. Regain control of your health. Feel better than ever with the Man Up Detox.

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