Cancer Management and Recovery

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you need support. Support comes in all shapes and sizes and all different treatment modalities: Emotional. Physiological. Physical. Psychological. And more. You need strength and love and care. You need honesty and commitment and a team of caregivers and professionals that can help you persevere and overcome the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment.

The Northport Wellness Center Cancer Management & Recovery program aims to provide you with the care and support you need to help you work through the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment. We understand that all individuals react differently to cancer – physically and emotionally – and may require treatment that extends beyond conventional therapies. We want to help – and better yet, we can.

Following an initial consultation to better understand the type of cancer you or a loved one has been diagnosed with, the treatment that has been administered to date, as well as the symptoms and side effects you are experiencing, our team of health care professionals will collaborate to create the treatment program that will best fit your needs and goals and in a way that you will be comfortable with and confident in moving forward. We aim for success, as your health and wellbeing are priority.

The following treatment opportunities are available to assist you in managing and overcoming the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment:

At the Northport Wellness Center, we believe that your path to optimal health no matter how great the challenge begins with a commitment to participate in your own health care management and then to trust in health care professionals that have your best interest at heart and your goals in mind. Together, we can help you to heal and recover and regain not only your strength and health but your quality of life, too.

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