Holistic Acne Treatment and Recovery

Do you or a loved one suffer from Acne?

Acne is nothing to be taken lightly. Acne can be heartbreaking. It can be disfiguring, leaving lasting effects that can be both physical and emotional.

Obstacles to your skin’s health and lack-luster appearance may be symptoms of underlying health conditions. Located at the Northport Wellness Center, Blue Harbor Holistic Acne Center is a unique, first of its kind facility for natural acne care and is dedicated to the natural treatment, management and prevention of all acne conditions for people of all ages.
Your skin care journey will begin with a step-by-step process that will assist us in both gaining insight into your skin condition and following up with the most effective treatment plan. We offer natural solutions for both in-office treatments and homecare maintenance. Our specialized techniques are customized for each person’s condition and are reassessed at every level of treatment from onset to after care.

In an effort to avoid harsh chemicals, synthetic derivatives and long-term use of drugs, Blue Harbor uses its own custom blended, proprietary FDA approved natural and organic products made from whole plant active ingredients. By purging bacteria, debris and layers of dead skin cells, we begin to rebuild the skin’s natural, healthy foundation. Skin feels alive and fresh, allowing it to breath and function at a more optimal level.

Your skin condition may require additional services to most affectively address your needs. Blue Harbor will collaborate with other health care professionals to ensure that your individual health care goals may be met. The following treatment opportunities may be explored:

Restore your inner and outer beauty and increase your confidence!

Holistic Acne Treatment

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