What is unique about the compassionate and supportive chiropractors at the Northport Wellness Center is their ability to connect with all of their patients. They not only believe in their own ability to heal through professional knowledge, skills and experience, but they also acknowledge the power of their patients to participate in their own journey toward a lifelong achievement of optimal health. And though this may include collaborating with various practitioners, our Long-Island chiropractors are more than willing to do so in order to help their patients reach success on their wellness journey.

Patients who come to the Northport Wellness Center for chiropractic care are of all ages, challenged by anything from autism to chronic illness to musculoskeletal disorders. However, healthy children, adults, and families who wish to maintain their good health also seek out our chiropractors for assistance as well.

Chiropractors at the Northport Wellness Center recognize that each patient presents a unique set of circumstances, signs, and symptoms. As a result, they treat their patients individually, guiding them on a path to eliminate disease and symptoms while simultaneously enhancing their body’s overall health. Whether you choose chiropractic care as means to prevent or treat disease, we can assist you in meeting your wellness goals.

Case Studies

Cortical Blindness, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and Recurring Otitis Media: A Case Study in Chiropractic Management.



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