The Northport Wellness Center Testimonials

I’ve suffered from a pinched nerve with neck pain that radiated into my fingers for well over a year. I went from one doctor to another to no avail. I recently moved to Northport and was referred to the Northport Wellness Center. Dr Sherr recommended 3-D Spinal Decompression as part of my treatment program. His associate, Dr Reid performs the treatment. Dr Reid performed 2 treatments without charge to ensure that I would receive some benefit. After the first 2 treatments the numbness and pain in my fingers began to subside! I am really thrilled with the immediate results and I have signed up for 10 additional treatments!!!

Thank you Dr Sherr and Dr Reid!!

– Lilly D

When I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and herniated discs I was concerned that continued pain would prevent my leading a normal life. As part of my pain management therapy, Extend A Trac spinal decompression sessions were recommended.

I began the sessions last year under the care of Dr. Michael Reid, and it has proved to be a favorable experience. It has allowed me to resume daily activities with little or no pain. I have been able to continue with Pilates, walking distances, standing, sitting in cars, buses, planes, and trains for long journeys as well as light lifting.

In addition to the mechanical aspects of the Extend A Trac, Dr. Reid offers continuous support and suggestions for leading a healthy, normal life.

– Barbara Tubertina

Dear Dr. Reid. Just a note to tell you when I came in to see you I could not get up out of bed without pain in my lower back. After the first treatment on the ExtenTracElite the next morning the pain was 70%. improved. I was so thrilled. I had another treatment 2 days later and I am so much better. Thank you for helping me At least I am able to resume everyday activities. I swear by this new non surgical treatment.

– Carmella Donninio

Working together with Dr. Sherr and Dr Reid, I have had great success through the Extentrac treatments. In December 2015 I began having numbness in my fingers which gradually increased to intense pain in my upper back. I visited my regular physician who examined my problem and recommended a steroid in pill form and rest. It had little effect on my condition which seemed to be worsening. My wife suggested The Wellness center as a alternative. Dr. Sherr diagnosed my symptoms and quickly established most likely a herniated disc issue.

I was surprised because the pain was so sharp under my shoulder blade and had no idea a problem in my spine would trigger it. Dr. Sherr recommended a MRI to get a better evaluation of the source. His first Instinct was correct, now I was worried about the path to recovery. I wanted to exhaust every alternative before I contemplated surgery. Fortunately Dr. Reid had his Extentrac machine helping other patients the day my MRI was reviewed. Dr. Sherr set up a trial treatment the same day. I was willing to try anything to avoid surgery, being self employed I just couldn’t take that path.

Dr. Reid created a setup specifically for my problem, a number of upper spine herniated discs. The machine was a comfortable and relieved my pain as it expanded my disc areas. Dr. Reid consulted me on a long term plan to allow me to keep working and treat the problem with 2x a week visits. It steadily increased my mobility and gradually my pain was subsiding. Dr. Sherr would add a chiropractic session after my Extentrac and kept reminding me to be patient the outcome relies on you allowing your body to heal.

I am extremely grateful for the care both Dr. Reid and Dr. Sherr provided me. Its been a impressive result considering the prognosis. I highly recommend the Extentrac to anyone experiencing pain from spinal issues.

– Don Longo

For years I have been seeing Dr. Sherr for chiropractic care for lower back pain. The frequency of the visits could be once a month for maintenance or increase to every few days when I would aggravate my condition. Dr. Sherr’s approach to my treatment had always been appropriate. I never felt that I was ever unnecessarily over treated. When I developed a different lower back condition earlier this year, Dr. Reid was added to my care team. I felt his approach was very much in line with Dr. Sherr’s.

In May of 2017 I begin to experience discomfort and tightness in my lower left gluteus maximus with radiated pain down my left leg to my calf. Dr. Sherr prescribed an MRI of my lower back and the report came back stating I had two herniated discs, one worse than the other. The assessment was that the herniated discs were pressing on my spinal nerve cavity leading to the pain and discomfort I was feeling. Dr. Sherr recommended that I see Dr. Reid about the use of a machine for spinal decompression to treat my condition.

Dr. Reid assessed my condition and begin treatment with a (add machine name here). Essentially, the purpose of the machine is to stretch the spine to allow for fluid to enter the area around the discs, and hopefully aid in allowing for the herniated discs to recede back into place, eliminating pressure on the nerves. Dr. Reid proceeded to “Stretch me out” starting with a small amount of stretching force and increasing it over time as my body became accustom to the stretching. After a series of ten 20 minute sessions over a period of two months I now feel back to normal – Pain Free!

Now that I feel myself again, I continue to see Dr Sherr on a regular basis to maintain my spinal alignment as well as employ the use of an inversion table to decompress my spine daily.

I sincerely thank Dr. Sherr, Dr. Reid, and the staff at Northport Wellness Center for helping me return to my active lifestyle. I would highly recommend their holistic approach to healthy living.

– Mike P

Dr Sherr has a wealth of knowledge far exceeding the basic chiropractic spine cracking most of us are used to. He’s basically a chiropractor, GP, Orthopedist and osteopath all rolled into one. I had a nagging tendinitis/soft tissue issue that he improved more in one session than the combined ten or so that I’ve gone through.

– Adam