Do Trigger Point Injections Hurt?

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Do Trigger Point Injections Hurt?

Dealing with trigger points—tight, tender areas of spasm within muscle tissues—is a daily struggle for many people. From experiencing chronic soreness in your neck due to a car accident, or pain in your hips as a result of a sports injury, there are a number of reasons for such physical discomfort.

In order to manage a trigger point, trigger point therapy is usually recommended, sometimes along with other treatments, such as physical therapy and/or chiropractic care.

Some people may initially worry about receiving trigger point therapy upon learning it involves injections but there is no need to stress!

At a trigger point therapy appointment, a trained specialist will first position the patient in a certain way, depending on the origin of the discomfort, clean the area with rubbing alcohol, and then inject it with a small amount of lidocaine. Because it is only for a split second and the lidocaine almost instantaneously numbs the muscle spasm, trigger point injections typically do not hurt.

You'lI likely feel relief right after a trigger point injection.

 This is why patients can typically drive themselves home from trigger point therapy sessions. They won’t have to wait a certain amount of time to proceed with their normal, daily activities, either, or ask someone else for transport to appointments, which will make scheduling much easier. Patients may even be able to receive trigger point injections during their lunch breaks, and then return to work immediately afterward.

Every individual’s health condition and situation is unique, so if you are unsure about performing certain activities after receiving trigger point injections, ask a specialist for his or her expert advice.

Find out more about the benefits of trigger point therapy.


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