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“I believe everything happens on the energy level and then begins to manifest in the physical world. Sometimes, in order to heal, you need to work on the energy level as much as you do on the physical one.”

-Susan Bilella, Certified Reiki Practitioner


What is Reiki?

First developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist, Reiki is a technique in which the practitioner taps into an individual’s energy life force or Qi to increase peace, relaxation and balance, thus assisting the body in accessing its natural healing abilities.

A Reiki practitioner serves as “a live wire” between an individual and the universal energy, explains Susan Bilella, certified Reiki practitioner at Patchogue Wellness Center and Northport Wellness Center Alliance member. “I help to direct the energy and offer it to the client.”

Reiki can positively influence one’s mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual state. “It helps to reframe your thought pattern…everyone can pick up on that energy,” Bilella says.


Benefits of Reiki


If you’re looking to feel more clarity and balance in your life, Reiki might give you just the “energy” you need to achieve that and more, says Bilella.

Oftentimes, even if we are working though our mental or emotional issues, the energy from those obstacles is never quite cleared from the body; it still lingers. Reiki helps to clear out and unblock some of the chakras so that you can begin to bring more good into your life and attract more of the things that you desire. It leaves you feeling grounded so that you can better create and maintain harmony.

Feeling scattered or unable to focus? Have you lost confidence in your parenting, relationships, or career capabilities? “A lot of times people are not quite sure what is going on, but they know they just don’t feel like themselves,” says Bilella. Reiki helps these individuals connect with their intuition, achieve balance, and feel less overwhelmed so they can reclaim their clarity and be more productive in their life.


What can you expect from a Reiki session?

A basic Reiki session is about 45 minutes and serves as a jumpstart to the healing journey, helping individuals to overcome obstacles to success. Clients are invited to embrace peace and balance, laying on a table in a serene space. Bilella says she utilizes healing energy and crystals that are aligned with chakras on the individual’s body. “Clients usually leave feeling more relaxed and that’s where they begin to tap into their own ability to heal,” she says.

For clients who require healing on a deeper level, Bilella offers a more involved energy balancing session in which she blends Reiki with the Bengston Energy Healing Method, as well as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure.

“I use energy work to understand what is going on in the chakras to address emotional blockage, for example a belief system they’re holding on to that’s no longer good for them; that’s where we will use more breath work, visualization, or energy work to release that and get that chakra flowing in balance,” explains Bilella.


Heal With Reiki

Reiki is empowering. It can help you to change your perspective on life and how you move through it. It reminds the body of its own innate healing capabilities. “Your body already knows what to do—sometimes, it just needs an extra boost,” says Bilella.


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