Marina Bedrossian

IBS Dietitian

Marina Bedrossian

The Northport Wellness Center is pleased to welcome Marina Bedrossian to our professional team. Marina is an Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Dietitian who assists individuals in relieving chronic digestive symptoms in as little as 7-14 days. Your entire being will have a renewed sense of freedom once your bathroom trips are predictable and the bloating and cramping are gone for good!

Marina helps her clients discover quick and lasting relief from stubborn bloating, cramping, reflux, diarrhea, and/or constipation. With a strong background in traditional and alternative nutrition therapies, Marina thrives off of changing lives through the healing abilities of food. 

Marina can help you to connect the dots in your medical history in order to understand stubborn symptoms often related to diet which may be affecting your whole body. With understanding, there is the ability to improve.

Marina uses the most advanced technology in identifying inflammatory foods which promotes quick and lasting relief. She helps her clients improve their digestion and reduce overall inflammation, which greatly improves their quality of life. 

Food is Marina's passion. Not only does she view it as physical medicine, she also enjoys helping clients develop a positive relationship with food on their journey through self-improvement. With thoughtful cooking and eating comes healing, according to Marina.

Marina Bedrossian is a proud resident of Northport. She is a San Diego State University Summa Cum Laude graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Dietetics. Her credentials include: RDN: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist; CDN: Certified Dietitian Nutritionist; CLT: Certified LEAP (Lifestyle Eating And Performance) Therapist; FMN: Functional Medicine Nutritionist; and CECP: Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

When she isn’t talking about poop, Marina enjoys her time with horses, on the mat rolling around practicing her Brazilian jiu-jitsu, hiking and foraging, camping, and ever-learning alongside her homeschooled daughters. 

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