Danielle Tarantola ERYT-500, C-IAYT

Yoga Therapist

Danielle Tarantola ERYT-500, C-IAYT


Yoga Therapy

Yoga Teacher Training



Northport Wellness Center Alliance Member, Danielle Tarantola ERYT-500, C-IAYT, is the founder and director of Huntington Station-based Yoga Foundation, a Yoga Therapy Center and Yoga School established in 1998. Danielle specializes in Yoga Therapy and Yoga Teacher Training, all available in person and online.

Danielle practices with the philosophy that self-induced states of internal safety, calmness, courage, clarity, stability, confidence, ease and inspiration are imperative for complete personal wellness, and they are possible with appropriate, guided Yoga practice in which individuals become active participants in their healthcare.

When the work respects the individual and their personal and life parameters, healing is expedited and can be sustained.

Danielle Tatantola is certified by TKV Desikachar at Teacher, Teacher Trainer, and Yoga Therapist levels.

Danielle aligns with the powerful and practical teachings of T Krishnamacharya as learned directly through TKV Desikachar and his senior students in Chennai, South India, over 13 trips to Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM), and ongoing remotely thereafter.

Danielle believes that continued and extensive study, mentoring, teaching and practice ensure that Yoga’s profound wisdom comes through clearly, simply, and with total relevance for our modern times and associated conditions.

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