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Certified Reiki Practitioner and Holistic Counselor

Kate Finnick


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Certified Reiki practitioner and holistic counselor Kate Finnick, assists her clients in experiencing improvements in many aspects of their lives including stress and anxiety relief, stronger immune systems, pain reduction, better focus/concentration and emotional grounding. Holistic counseling services include meditation, reiki, self-love and empowerment growth, essential oils and assisting in developing personalized wellness plans, 

Kate has a Doctor of Naturopathy, a Master of Science degree in Clinical Counseling and is a certified Reiki Master and Meditation Instructor. She is also a certified School Counselor and has worked with young people as a guidance counselor for 23 years. Kate began her practice as a mental health therapist, however she soon realized that it is when we pay attention to creating balance in ourselves—body, mind and soul—we are able to experience our lives fully and thrive instead of merely surviving day to day. Kate returned to school to study additional modalities of holistic and natural health and since 2005, she has made the focus of her practice helping individuals live their best lives in natural wellness. 

Kate has presented seminars and workshops for the general public and has provided trainings for professionals in the medical and education fields.

Through her work with adults and young people, she is dedicated to empowering others to be able to let their inner light shine!

For more information, contact Kate at (631) 649-5039 or via email at Visit Kate’s website at

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