Overcome Fear and Anxiety With Hypnosis

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Professional hypnosis or hypnotherapy can help you effortlessly focus on your present and future without holding onto past dramas, traumas and imbalances. 

Hypnotherapy is effective in modifying virtually any kind of habit such as smoking nail-biting and binge-eating. It's also quite successful in addressing many issues such as fear(s), panic attacks, anxiety, self-esteem and confidence. As most issues stem from a combination of learned behavior combined with stress or trauma, hypnotherapy helps manage both the learned behavior and its triggers so individuals can enjoy their life to the fullest.

Hypnosis enables you to address both sides of your issue and empower you to integrate a healthier way of handling those difficulties in your daily life so that you can maintain and build upon positive changes.


The foundation of hypnotherapy is:

  • Managing thoughts in a more positive direction
  • Clearing out past experiences that have assisted in creating issues
  • Feeding the subconscious with empowering messages related to the goal

Connecting to the Subconscious Mind


From the moment you are born, everything you witnessed, overheard or experienced throughout your childhood is stored in your subconscious. The subconscious does not know the difference between something you are thinking about today or something you thought about 20 years ago; something can trigger your subconscious in your current daily life, leading to sudden anxiety attacks and phobias.

Contrary to myths, hypnotherapy is not a mystical or magical approach to treatment, and clients are not put into a trance. Rather, they are guided into a relaxed state. Once they reach this relaxed state, the conscious mind—often overwhelmed with thousands of thoughts per day—gets bypassed and the subconscious mind is accessed…that’s where the healing begins.

How Hypnotherapy Works

The process of hypnotherapy is extremely calming. The hypnotherapist uses their voice and a specific language pattern based on the client’s personality type and specific issue or issue(s) they wish to address.

Anxiety is something that is going on in the moment, but it's often triggered from something that went on in the past.

If someone seeks to address their fear of public speaking, for example, they will be presented with powerful, specific language that will empower them to speak with confidence. An individual challenged with anxiety may work with the hypnotherapist to revisit the origin of their anxiety and work their way up to the current time. Anxiety is something that is going on in the moment, but it's often triggered from something that went on in the past.

A hypnotherapist will educate their clients on self-hypnosis, too, providing them with recordings so they can work on their issues between sessions at their convenience, in the comfort of their own home and for years after. It is a life-long resource available to help one participate in their own healing and wellbeing even without scheduled sessions.

Achieve your Goals with Hypnotherapy

In addition to reducing challenges associated with their specific issues, people often experience better sleep, calmness and inner peace, increased confidence and overall greater quality of emotional health. 

Joanne Ferdman, clinical hypnotist and holistic health enthusiast, can assist you in developing strategies to overcome physical, mental or emotional challenges, enhance your inner strengths and achieve optimum success.

For more information on hypnotherapy or to make an appointment with Joanne Ferdman, please contact the Northport Wellness Center at (631) 262-8505 or visit www.northportwellnesscenter.com.


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