Joanne Ferdman, CCH, CPC

Certified Clinical Hypnotist
Transformational Life Coach

Joanne Ferdman, CCH, CPC

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Joanne Ferdman, clinical hypnotist and transformational life coach, has helped hundreds of clients quit their negative mind chatter and neutralize the drama, trauma and imbalance in their lives so they can create the space to discover their inner power and true desires. Her area of expertise working with people who have deep unconscious blocks that are stopping them from achieving the success they desire.

Joanne specializes in holistic transformations, helping her clients to heal their emotional wounds and make powerful life changes from inside.

Since 2004, Joanne has maintained a practice at Theta Healing Arts in Huntington and has assisted numerous clients in achieving their health and wellness goals. The Northport Wellness Center is pleased to welcome Joanne to our facility.

A Message From Joanne:

“You might be struggling with issues like stress, goal-achieving, money, sleeping, low self-esteem, anxiety or lack of energy that all can even be creating a different kind of physical conditions. Or maybe you have done everything you can, but you still haven’t been able to make the changes and get clarity. There might be a pattern or deep belief that is keeping you from success and sabotaging you from moving forward. It can be very frustrating, confusing and even painful. Your issues are not who you are. You can become free from your limitations and transform your life.”

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Free Guide Five things you can do to make this week more enjoyable for you and your family