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How to Get Enough Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant for tissue growth and repair. Also known as an ascorbic acid, vitamin C helps form collagen, absorb iron, promote healing and maintain bone, teeth, and cartilage health. When the body lacks vitamin C, your immune system weakens, your skin dries, and you’ll...

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Get Happy & Healthy With Ketogenics

As a wife and mother of two children, Northport Wellness Center Alliance Member and Ketogenic Lifestyle Mentor and Wellness Consultant, Mena Freed knows the demands of modern American individuals and families. It's incredibly challenging juggling home life, family, and work. That’s why Mena has...

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Healing the Body, Mind & Soul with Integrative Psychotherapy and Metaphysics

Integrative psychotherapy helps individuals heal from the inside out as it addresses the body, mind and soul. Treatment from an integrative psychotherapist who is also skilled in energy work, mindfulness, spiritual healing and more can help one reconnect with their inner self and move through...

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Relieve Pain With ARP Wave Technology

March 11, 2020

Accelerated Recovery and Performance or ARP Wave Neuro Therapy treatment helps to decrease chronic pain, increase range of motion, accelerate recovery time and improve physical performance—all without drugs of any kind.ARP Wave Technology is an innovative tool to help individuals heal and...

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Balance the Body with Raindrop Therapy

March 03, 2020

The term “raindrop therapy" may generate thoughts of the soothing pitter-patter of rain or the unique healing powers of water. This massage treatment is gaining popularity for its effectiveness in helping to rejuvenate the mind and body with the combined use of essential oils and massage.

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Overcome Fear and Anxiety With Hypnosis

February 26, 2020

Professional hypnosis or hypnotherapy can help you effortlessly focus on your present and future without holding onto past dramas, traumas and imbalances. 

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