The Northport Wellness Center is home to skilled professionals that are passionate about helping you accomplish your individual health and wellness goals.

Our mission is “to direct people to the realization that life and healing come from within and that ultimately,
the promotion and maintenance of health is superior to the treatment of disease.”

Learn about our Wellness Providers & Practitioners:

Alan P. Sherr, D.C.

Chiropractor / Director

Dr. Alan Sherr graduated from the New York Chiropractic College in 1980 and has been in private practice for more than 36 years…

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Lawrence Palevsky, M.D.


Dr. Lawrence Palevsky is the Northport Wellness Center’s holistic pediatrician. His clinical practice includes experience…

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Michael Pappas, D.O.


Dr. Michael Pappas completed his training in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Columbia/Cornell…

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dr. scott sherr

Scott Sherr, M.D.

HBOT Medical Adivsor

Dr. Scott Sherr is a board-certified internal medicine physician with an additional certification in hyperbaric oxygen medicine…

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Jennifer Zethner, C.P.N.P.

Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer Zethner is the Northport Wellness Center’s holistic pediatric nurse practitioner. She specializes in…

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Julio Ballestas, M.D.

Holistic Psychiatrist

Dr. Julio Ballestas is a board-certified psychiatrist that uses a holistic approach to promote physical and emotional…

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brittany crivillaro

Brittany Crivillaro

Registered Nurse & Owner of Blue Harbor Holistic Spa & Acne Center, Inc

Brittany is a BSN-RN with a background in Emergency Medicine and Skincare. Her career in medicine…

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Steven Stummer, D.P.M., A.A.P.W.C.A.


Dr. Stummer was the Team Physician with Dowling College Women’s Soccer, and is currently…

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Thomas Page

Physical Therapist

Thomas Page, Douglas Alberici and Raymond Wolf are successful business owners of Deer Park Physical Therapy and…

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Jason Kolbe, M.S., L.Ac.


Jason J. Kolbe is a New York State-licensed acupuncturist who has been practicing acupuncture…

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Michael Reid, D.C.


Dr. Michael Reid can assist you in achieving optimal health, minimizing or freeing you from chronic pain, headaches and/or…

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Margaret Kabacinski, NYS Lic. Aesthetician, C.L.T.

Skin Care

Margaret Kacabinski is a New York State-licensed aesthetician, certified laser technician, and…

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Dana P. Contino, LMSW

Psychotherapist and Clinical Social Worker

Dana P. Contino has been working with individuals, couples and families since receiving his…

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Sonam Kushner, CCH

Certified Homeopath

Sonam Kushner is certified in classical homeopathy by the Council for Homeopathic Certification, and holds a Diploma…

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frank mcnally

Frank McNally, D.C.


Dr. Frank McNally assists patients in healing and recovery from chronic pain, sports injuries, as well as neurological…

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Roseann Berlenbach, MSc, CGP


For more than 10 years, Roseann Berlenbach has been counseling individuals and families on…

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Jason Pape, D.C.

Neurofeedback Provider

Dr. Jason Pape is the director of the Neurofeedback Program, which provides a drug-less, painless, and non-invasive approach…

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Henry Prince, M.D., FACOG

HMS Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Henry Prince has pioneered HMS’ effort to help patients experience optimal health using the incredible healing properties of HBOT…

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Stacy Hildebrand, P.A.

Trigger Point Therapist

Stacey Hildebrand is a board certified nurse practitioner specializing in Trigger Point injection therapy and pain management…

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Alisa McMorris, P.A.

Trigger Point Therapist

Trigger Point Therapy (TPT) works to relieve chronic, muscular pain without oral medication. It is a universally well…

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Roxana Todirascu, M.D.

Trigger Point Therapist

Dr. Roxana Todirascu is the medical director of ARI Medical, PC. A physiatrist who utilizes an holistic approach with…

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amir herman

Amir Herman, D.O.

Family Practice Physician

Dr. Amir Herman is a board certified family practice physician and currently practices at East Northport Medical Care…

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julian herskowitz

Julian Herskowitz

Clinical Psychologist

The Northport Wellness Center welcomes Dr. Julian Herskowitz, clinical psychologist at Terrap Anxiety Treatment as an affiliate member…

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kristine blanche

Kristine Blanche, P.A.-C., M.D., Ph.D.

Integrative Healing Provider

Kristine Blanche is the owner and operator of Integrative Healing Center & Spa, an innovative healing center…

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Stephanie Jaworowski

Stephanie Jaworowski

MSACN Clinical Nutritionist

Stephanie Jaworowski is a Clinical Nutritionist who focuses on diet and lifestyle for the prevention of diseases…

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Briana Crivillaro

Briana Crivillaro

NYS licensed esthetician

Briana Crivillaro enhances our focus on holistic beauty, cosmetic esthetics, and internal wellness…

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