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Metabolic Terrain Advocate

Jillian Burne, Metabolic Terrain Advocate and Northport Wellness Center Alliance Member was trained and certified by Dr. Nasha Winters, author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer. As a Terrain Advocate, Jillian guides cancer patients through the Terrain methodology. This approach utilizes the most effective diet and lifestyle modifications combined with the best treatments conventional and alternative care offer. 

Jillian’s works with cancer patients includes: 
•    Exploring the root cause of your dis-ease
•    Helping you adopt a Ketogenic lifestyle
•    Identifying personal stressors
•    Creating an individualized Terrain Ten Treatment plan
•    Helping manage all aspects of your recovery 
•    Providing mental and emotional support

In her work with clients, Jillian, who is also a certified holistic health coach and Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, also draws on her professional experience as a whole. She holds multiple nutrition and wellness certifications and has been working in the cancer, autoimmune, and autism fields for over a decade. 

Jillian’s goal is to help anyone experiencing cancer in their life to overcome the challenges they face so that they can achieve the best possible outcome. 

Jillian offers a FREE Discovery Call to all new prospective clients. To schedule your free call, click here

To learn more, contact Jillian Burne at (646) 226-9312 or Click here to visit Jillian’s website.

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