Anti-aging, Integrative, and Conventional Medicine

Reduce fatigue, improve energy, and enhance performance in all areas of your life.
Northport Wellness Center Alliance Member Dr. Robert J. Aquino focuses on wellness and prevention, looking for root causes while simultaneously working on foundations for well-being. 
Dr. Aquino is the Medical Director of Huntington-based wellness center, Replenish Health & Wellness, and the founder of Gold Coast Medical Wellness, PLLC. Dr. Aquino and his team aim to assist their patients in improving their quality of life and overall appearance by combining wellness and integrative therapies with the utmost personalized care.
Dr. Aquino believes that lifestyle and environmental exposures have a huge impact on one's health, energy, and mood. Drawing on medical expertise and experience, he works along with his healthcare team to help patients identify areas that would improve their wellness. He also  educates them so that they can make more informed choices about their health. 
Some of the treatments utilized by Dr. Aquino and his team include IV vitamin therapy, which is customized to correct nutritional deficiencies and revitalize energy, boost immune system health, and enhance an overall sense of well-being;  NAD+ infusions that target patients on a cellular level to help with brain power, vitality, and clarity; and cutting-edge anti-aging treatments that boost skin health from the inside out.
Holistic health heals you — the whole person — and helps your body, mind, and spirit unite in optimal health and wellness!

Dr. Robert Aquino can be contacted at Replenish Health & Wellness and Gold Coast Medical Wellness, PLLC, which are both located at 700 New York Avenue, Upper level, Huntington, NY 11743. For more information, call (631) 547-4100 or email


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