Empowerment Coaching

An empowerment relationship filled with energy and vigor may be the solution to your happiness, success and fulfillment. 

Northport Wellness Center Alliance Member and Empowerment Coach, Colette Lettieri, LMSW, MSED and Certified Health Coach challenges you to accept that where you are at now doesn’t mean that is where you are meant to stay. Rather, begin to ask and make a move towards what is next. Move towards envisioning and working towards your ideal self, life and career. Get uncluttered and unstuck. Work towards a higher emotional state. 

With Colette’s guidance and support, you can learn to manifest your dreams and desires into a true reality.

An empowerment coach can help you achieve a state of well-being, confidence and business success. The connection between coach and client is intimate. As your coach, Colette is privy to your vulnerabilities and successes. It is this type of trusting relationship that allows coach and client to forge ahead towards attainable and challenging goals. 

Your overall health is only complete once you have intertwined both your mind and body into a harmonious relationship. As a Certified Health Coach, Colette can help you make that mind-body connection. With her guidance, you will begin to not only learn how you are nourishing your body but how you are moving it as well.
Maximum performance from both your mind and body will guarantee positive change. 

Discover who you are meant to be, set a fire to your soul and examine how you define your self-worth. Colette will not only work alongside you, but she will also provide you with the proper tools so you can continue to move forward and continue to thrive after your chapter together is completed.
All of Colette’s programs are designed around the concept of bio individuality. She will work towards methods of achieving your goals, your needs, and a pace you are comfortable working at. There will always be recommendations to put into action until the next session. Colette will also provide you with books, materials, recipes, and emails/texts that will enhance the changes you are making. Much of the program is driven by you and no two programs are the same.


Options for Empowerment Coaching include individual sessions, group sessions and corporate sessions.
In just a short time, you can be on your way to experiencing the joy and success that you know you deserve. 
During the session, Colette will review your history and help you to begin to establish your goals and develop a potential plan for how to work towards achieving them. This session is a perfect kick-start especially if you are new to coaching or you’re seasoned, but in need of renewed motivation. 
This program is a four-week commitment that will include a weekly 45 minute session, email exchanges, and more tricks of the trade to support the kick-off to your new journey.
Program rates will vary and can be discussed via a conference call to explore the option that best suits your needs.

Get started on making your dreams a reality! Email Colette at info@colettelettieri.com!





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