Good nutrition begins with understanding not only how food affects health in general, but also learning the specific foods your body needs—and doesn’t need—to function at an optimal level.

At the Northport Wellness Center, Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, Garrett Athenas utilizes his expertise in nutrition, vitamins and supplements to assist his clients in achieving their wellness goals

Garrett utilizes a metabolic and genetic approach to dietary changes to help you achieve individualized health care that can even accommodate a busy schedule. You’ll gain education and tools so that looking good and feeling good, too, becomes a natural part of your daily life.

With small yet powerful changes in your lifestyle and mindset, too, you can achieve and maintain optimal health. 


Nutrition Services



60-Minute Initial Consultation

30-Minute Follow-up Consultation 


Initial Consultation (60 Minutes) - (In-Office, Phone, Video)  

Initial Consultation Includes – General Intake Form, 321 Question (Comprehensive Nutritional and Lifestyle Questionnaire), Food Plan Overview, Body Type Diet Plan and Disclaimer Form

Follow up Consultation (30minutes) – (90 days later In-Office, Phone or Video) 

Follow up Consultation Includes – Re-Submitting the 321 Question (Comprehensive Nutritional and Lifestyle Questionnaire), Food Plan Overview and or retest of the Metabolic Testing 

*Dietary Supplements, Vitamins/Minerals, Herbal etc. suggestions – (Additional Cost)  



*321-Question Nutritional Assessment Form & General Health History Intake Form, Food Journal and Disclaimer Form*
Link to forms will be emailed upon scheduling an appointment. All forms must be competed prior to visit.

Your time, effort and cost of treatment is valued.  This information helps your nutritionist most efficiently prepare prior to meeting you and therefore have better questions, conversation about your goals, concerns and needs. 

The more we know, the more we can do to help you achieve a healthier, happier life!

*Urinary Metabolic Report & Assessment* with or without Digestive Panel

Includes 30 minutes of review and report of findings.

Review of metabolic and energy markers to identify obstacles to achieving optimal health and strategies to overcome them. This is an at-home first morning urine test.

This test helps look at your current metabolism, which is a very individualized and powerful test. It evaluates your entire metabolism to best determine the plan that fits your individual metabolic needs. This includes basic dietary changes, vitamin and supplement recommendations. This test takes about 2 weeks to obtain results.

*Genetic Profile Report & Assessment*

Includes 30 minutes of review and report of findings. This test considers potential inherent metabolic and genetic issues that may be expressing themselves and create a plan that best suits a healthy lifestyle and your wellness goals.
*The genetic test takes about six weeks to receive results.

*Nutritional Genetic Test* 

This is a saliva test that takes 200,000+ genetic markers and puts them into a select group of metabolic parameters in which data is correlated to establish the ideal nutrition protocol. This test is truly revolutionary and may soon become the "Gold Standard" of nutritional, wellness and longevity care.                                                          *This test takes about six weeks for results.

*Disclaimer - While the DNA test kit cannot be used to diagnose disease, the Functional Genomic Analysis software allows your nutritionist to analyze raw data, assess disturbances in body function, and design supportive protocols.

Consultation and testing are designed to leave you feeling empowered and motivated so that you can better understand your health needs and successfully accomplish your wellness goals. You’ll gain greater insight into your biochemistry so a nutritional, supplement and/or vitamin plan can be established.

Receive expert guidance and support you need to achieve optimal health and a greater quality of life. 

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Northport Wellness Center at (631) 262-8505.

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