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Nearly 2/3 of Americans suffer from chronic and mystery illness with no relief in our conventional medical system. We are sicker than ever before in history. Many of these conditions can be improved and alleviated with targeted nutrition, supplements, detoxifying and lifestyle support.

Holistic health coach, nutritionist and feng shui design specialist, Kate Alchermes, helps clients achieve optimal health through customized care that addresses individual's health needs from the inside and out.

Condition Specific Nutrition
Some conditions that can be supported or alleviated by nutrition, supplements, detoxifying and lifestyle include:

• Autoimmune Disease
• Digestive Disorders
• Neurological Diseases
• Cancer
• Autism
• Reproductive Disorders

For individuals who seek to address challenges with their weight, Kate will assist in designing a customized weight management program. Kate also provides education workshops for schools and corporations.

Yoga, Meditation & Energy Medicine
Yoga, meditation and energy medicine are all ways in which one works with the intangible energetic bodies in the physical. Its vitality is important to treat our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies in conjunction with our physical to achieve optimal health and results for desired change.

Kate provides the following classes and workshops in yoga, meditation and energy medicine:

• Private or group yoga classes
• Guided meditation (private or group) — Breathing techniques
• Introductory class on how to meditate & baseline approach
• How to work with your own energy field and energy education

Sustainable Green Interior Architecture & Feng Shui Design

Living Environments play a large role with our health. Kate offers sustainable Green Interior Architecture & Feng Shui Design services to optimize the health of your home and office and ultimately, enhance your own inner health, balance and peace.

Experience improved health and wellness with Kate Alchermes!

Kate also has a personal story of healing from an autoimmune disease. Her continuous goal is adding value to individuals, families and communities by bringing a wealth of holistic knowledge for improved health.

To schedule an appointment with Kate Alchermes or for more information, contact her at (516) 514-3444 or via email at Kate.alchermes@gmail.com.


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