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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Experience natural regeneration and healing with AIRmedicine.

The AIRmedicine program combines platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, intravenous (IV) therapy, amniotic tissue allograft therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to create personalized plans for patients based on their needs. The program utilizes multiple modalities to accelerate the healing process and provide ideal conditions to achieve optimal health. 


What the AIRmedicine Program Entails

Each program is created specifically for the individual. The number of sessions and the combination of procedures will be based on your condition and health goals.

Methods available for healing include:

PRP Therapy

PRP therapy uses a patient’s blood platelets to heal damaged tissue, attract stem cells, stimulate cell growth, and support blood clotting. During a session, patients will have a blood sample drawn and placed in a centrifuge, which separates the blood into layers. The one containing high counts of platelets is injected into the site in need of healing. 

IV Therapy

Infuse your body with necessary vitamins and minerals. IV delivers these nutrients directly into the bloodstream, ensuring they’re absorbed immediately. This modality improves immune health, boosts energy levels, and improves mental clarity. 

Types of intravenous drips include:

  • Glutathione: When patients lack glutathione, their bodies are left vulnerable to attacks from free radicals. This can typically occur due to poor diet, environmental toxins, stress, and age. Receiving glutathione will boost your body’s ability to fight off oxidative stress and free radicals. 
  • Modified Myers’ Cocktail: This formula contains magnesium, calcium, B-vitamins (including B-12) and vitamin C. It boasts capabilities of an enhanced immune system, increased energy, and strengthened bone health. 

Amniotic Tissue Allograft Therapy

Human amniotic tissue has been scientifically-proven to repair soft tissue. HMS uses BioD, a tissue derived from healthy, living donors after full-term pregnancy and a scheduled C-section. This tissue is then processed and preserved to maintain its properties. It’s transplanted onto the injured site to accelerate the healing process. Plus, it acts as a source of collagen, proteins, and cytokines. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Saturating the lungs and body with pure oxygen enables patients to repair and enhance cellular function. This treatment also stimulates the growth of new blood vessels, reduces swelling and inflammation, strengthens the immune system, and stimulates the release of stem cells.

The program utilizes multiple modalities to accelerate the healing process and provide ideal conditions to achieve optimal health. 


Why combine therapies?

By integrating several or all of the methods listed above, you’ll be able to accelerate your recovery or optimize your overall health in record time. For example, when you combine PRP therapy and HBOT, the oxygen fills your blood, enabling an increased number of released stem cells. Then, PRP attracts and delivers those cells to the necessary locations in the body. Enhance this experience by getting IV treatments to boost your immune system and support muscle and bone strength. 

Who Would Benefit from AIRmedicine

Anyone with chronic pain or conditions should consult their health care provider about incorporating the program into their life. Steroid and cortisone shots temporarily heal pain, but HBOT, PRP, amniotic tissue allografts, and IV therapy can offer long-lasting results and relief. AIRmedicine isn’t just for those with injuries and discomfort; others simply looking to optimize their health can benefit from AIRmedicine. 

Repair, rejuvenate and heal with AIRmedicine!

AIRmedicine is a unique program offered by Northport Alliance Member, Hyperbaric Medical Solutions (HMS).

To learn more about the AIRmedicine program, contact HMS at (516) 736-8674.


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