7 Qualities of a Good Aesthetician

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Skin Care

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Qualities of a Good Aesthetician

Skincare should be a top priority for everyone. Remembering to wear sunscreen, using all-natural products and consistently following a skin care regimen are just a few things you can do to ensure it looks great and stays healthy. Enlisting the help of a trusted skin care professional, known as an aesthetician, is also paramount.

Here are seven qualities to look for in an aesthetician:

1. Educated

Aestheticians must be licensed by the state in which they practice. This typically includes passing written and practical exams, as well as completing a certain number of hours in the field, depending on the state they live in. Oftentimes, you’ll see their certifications hanging on the wall of their office. But the education shouldn’t stop there, as additional classes are available to help them stay up-to-date on the latest news and treatment techniques within the industry.

2. Curious

Not only should an aesthetician be curious about what’s happening in the skin care industry, but also each of his/her clients. During an initial consultation, for example, in-depth questions should be asked about a client’s past and present skin issues to identify the best treatment possible.

3. Informative

Relating to our last point, an aesthetician should also tailor advice and treatment techniques to match the needs of each individual. Everyone’s skin is different; while some may be oily, others perhaps are extremely dry. As a result, the product and routine recommendations should vary.

If you have any questions, an exceptional skin care professional will provide thoughtful, accurate answers. For instance, those who have never had a facial before may want to learn how often they should receive them.

4. Thorough

You don't want to visit a skin care professional who cuts corners. Remember: Those who really care about their clients take the time to get to know them and understand their skin concerns.

5. Approachable

The best aestheticians are friendly and easy to talk to. You should feel comfortable going to them to ask a question, whether about your stubborn acne scars or desperately dry skin.

6. Professional

Skin care professionals should be just that—professional. While it’s important to possess excellent interpersonal skills, they must also be well-mannered and conduct themselves with respect.

7. Passionate

If someone has enthusiasm for their job, they likely also exhibit many of the aforementioned qualities. For instance, people who love what they do are going to continue their education, ask as many questions as possible (and encourage their clients to do so), refrain from cutting corners, and always take their professional reputation seriously.

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