Summer-to-School Survival Tips for Maintaining Health & Wellness

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Feeling like you're not ready for summer to end and school to begin? Still feeling uncomfortable in the heat? Dreading the scale after all of your summer social events? 

Need a little help getting back on the wagon so you can take on the school season with gusto? "Summertime Survival" tips from Northport Wellness Center health and wellness coach, Jadenae` A. Trabacchi, BFA, MS, NBC-HWC (Ambitious+Nutritious, LLC) can help you enjoy the remainder of the summer season while maintaining a sense of balance as routines start to shift. 

Plan Ahead  If you are following a dietary restriction-based blueprint, eat before going to a social event to avoid being "hangry" due to a potential lack of food options. This will allow you to focus on the social aspects of the gathering, rather than dwelling on when you will be able to eat next or eating something you may regret. 

Establish Your Non-Negotiables  Before heading out, or even while you are on transit to any social event, establish your "non-negotiables." For example, will you allow yourself to have a sugary dessert? If so, perhaps you may want to abstain from alcohol altogether, even if it is a sugar-free option. 

Try the "Water Test"  It is very common to mistake hunger with thirst. This is especially so during the summer months, when the body is more likely to become dehydrated and depleted of electrolytes. In this case, when you are feeling hungry, try the "water test." Before eating, drink 4-8 ounces of water. If the water rushes to your stomach, then you are hungry, and need to eat. However, if the water seems to stop at your chest, or does not hit your stomach, then you are thirsty, or in need of electrolytes. 

Maintain Electrolytes  The Northport Wellness Center store carries the supplement, Hypertonic and Isotonic, which assists in maintaining electrolytes.  Electrolytes are responsible for regulating muscle contractions and maintaining hydrationThe supplements are sold in glass ampoules and are great on-the-go. Be sure to first inquire with Northport Wellness Center founder and chiropractor Dr. Alan Sherr, before purchasing, to ensure they are right for you and your specific dietary needs. This will be a great tool to use when gauging your hunger and using the "water test."

Follow the "80% Rule" According to the Blue Zone Studycountries such as Japan, are known for their overall longevity and health. Aside from the importance of eating slowly, and to help with better digestion, eating until you feel 80% full is a great way to manage your weight. During your meal, once you feel satiated, wait 20-30 minutes to grab another helping of food. It takes that long for the body's cues to register in the mind. After, try drinking a glass of water, to see if you are still hungry. At that point, if you still feel hungry, then enjoy another helping of food. 

** Remember: Overeating is overeating. Even if you are overeating on "healthy" choices, it can still prolong your weight loss goals or even cause weight gain and bloating.  

Tip: A Great way to follow this rule at a restaurant is to ask your server for a half-portion of your meal to be wrapped and have only a half-portion brought out to you for dinner. The focus on the social aspect, coupled with slower eating, will help alleviate the need to overeat. 

Avoid Sweet Alcoholic Beverages The choice(s) you make should always be made with the understanding that ANY ALCOHOL, EVEN ONE DRINK, WILL HAVE AN ADVERSE EFFECT ON YOUR HEALTH and WELLNESS AND WILL IMPACT YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOALS. If you still would like to indulge a bit, opt for less sweetened options, for example, a mojito without sugar or a gin and tonic.

** Note: Drinks such as a vodka soda, sangria, or tequila, are not recommended because vodka is either fermented from wheat or potatoes. If you are celiac, AIP, or low-histamine, although lower in calories or sugar, it will cause inflammation and histamine build-up. Sangria is EXTRA FERMENTED due to the sugar in the wine, coupled with the fresh fruit. This can cause a spike in sugar, histamines, and tannin build-up in the system. Tequila is also not suggested here because distillers are starting to use wheat as a cutting agent in tequila, therefore, tequila now needs to have a gluten-free label on it. 

Be Bold Don't be afraid to be the only one at the table making healthier choices. Many people want to be led, not told what to do. By witnessing you making these changes, it will inspire others. There will always be someone who has an opinion, but that doesn't mean you need to dim your light to stay true to yourself! We can be our worst critics, but if we allow others to see the changes we are trying to make, you'd be surprised at how supportive they may be of your efforts! Enjoy summer to the fullest—and healthiest!

If you found this tips to be helpful, and would like to seek additional support through health coaching, please contact Jadenae` by texting/calling (631) 484-1127 or emailing her at

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