Combining PRP & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Optimal Results

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Alone, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) are regenerative treatments that effectively help patients recover from wounds, muscle injuries, pain, and more. Combining PRP and HBOT creates a synergistic effect, helping patients achieve optimal health results for a wide range of conditions. 

It’s important to understand what PRP and HBOT are, and how they assist in healing and recovery.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP therapy, which previously made headlines for healing professional golfer Tiger Woods among other notable athletes, is a non-surgical procedure utilizing components of your own blood to stimulate healing in damaged tissue. Physicians extract and separate blood samples from patients into distinct layers using a high-speed centrifuge. One of these contains platelet-rich plasma, which is injected into the damaged area. The platelets attract stem cells, which can develop into other types. These spread growth factors to areas—such as ligaments, tendons, and joints—usually unreachable by blood. 

This concentration can stimulate cellular growth, help the body form blood clots, and accelerate self-healing. Because the PRP is the patient’s, there’s low risk of rejection, and almost no danger of contracting a bloodborne infection. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT uses 100-percent oxygen and pressure in a hyperbaric chamber to saturate the blood plasma with oxygen levels 1,200-percent more than can be achieved otherwise. This process releases and activates stem cells from the bone marrow, enabling them to travel to the injured areas through the blood plasma—resulting in decreased inflammation, swelling, reversal of hypoxia, and the stimulation of new blood vessels. 

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Using PRP in Conjunction With HBOT

Together, PRP with HBOT are powerful healing accelerators and enable patients to avoid long surgeries. 

The hyperbaric oxygen therapy process, which can be added before and after PRP injections, increases stem cell circulation, making it easier for the injected PRP to attract and deliver the stem cells to the injured area. This combination can also alleviate aches and soreness patients sometimes experience with PRP therapy alone.

PRP and HBOT have been shown to alleviate knee pains, tendon injuries, ligament sprains or tears, bursitis, hip pain, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, shin splints, medial and lateral epicondylitis, and more. 

A case series report published in the African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance in November 2015 linked the combined effects of HBOT and PRP therapies with a decreased healing time for professional rugby players with hamstring injuries. The study was conducted throughout three years, with 42 hamstring injuries identified as: either grade-one injuries—those characterized by minimally stretched or torn muscle fibers, some pain, and a 21-day sideline; or grade-two injuries—those with a greater number of torn muscle fibers requiring players out for 42 days. 

The hyperbaric oxygen therapy process, which can be added before and after PRP injections, increases stem cell circulation.

After completing a course of HBOT, PRP injections and physical therapy, the study found the average healing time for grade-one injuries was 13 days (a 38-percent decrease), and 19.2 days for grade-two injuries (a healing time decrease of 46-percent). 

Another study evaluated the effects of HBOT and autologous platelet concentrates in healing diabetic wounds of rats. Thirty-six female rats were separated into four groups: control, PRP-treated, HBOT-treated, and combination PRP and HBOT-treated. The combo faction proved best for the diabetic wounds.

Two more studies, both involving rabbits, proved HBOT and PRP can work together to heal fibula bone fractures and improve bone regeneration with autologous bone grafting. 


Northport Wellness Center & HMS Providing Optimal Results

Northport Wellness Center’s affiliate Hyperbaric Medical Solutions (HMS), which has locations in Manhattan, Woodbury, and Medford, provides an AIRmedicine program led by HMS Medical Director Dr. Alan Katz designed to deliver state-of-the-art regenerative medicine techniques to optimize healing, recovery, and performance enhancement.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is combined with PRP, as well as other modalities, including human amniotic tissue allografts and intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions, to support tissue repair and restore health.  The AIRmedicine procedure provides benefits such as musculoskeletal, skin and aesthetic, hair growth, and enhanced sexual function. 

For more information about HMS and THE AIRmedicine program, visit


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