When Your Child Needs a Physical Therapist, Long Island is the Place to Be!

Posted on September 27, 2017 in

Pediatrics, Physical Therapy

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When Should Your Child See a Long Island Physical Therapist?

It's not so uncommon to hear about adults adults visiting a physical therapis to address a chronic health condition, injury, or to heal more effectively after receiving surgery. However, the majority of people wouldn't necessarily think about this treatment's positive effects on adolescents when truly, physical therapy holds multiple benefits for younger individuals, too.

The good news is that Long Island is home to highly skilled and experienced physical therapists that could help to identify and overcome challenges to your child's health.

Does your child need physical therapy? Consider the following:

  • He or she exhibits developmental delays.

Developmental delays, according to MoveForwardPT.com, an online resource run by the American Physical Therapy Association, "may be used to describe any type of delay dealing with motor, speech, or thinking abilities that may or may not result from a specific condition." 

For example, a child should be walking by age 1; those who aren’t may be exhibiting early signs of developmental delays. Physical therapy could help this child to improve the necessary skills to facilitate standing and walking on his or her own two feet. Once the child’s condition is evaluated, the physical therapist will create a customized plan, typically with a timeline, and outline possible goals. “The therapist may guide the child’s movements or provide cues to help the child learn a new way to move,” explains the site.

  • He or she has been injured.

Injuries can take place pretty much anywhere, from the soccer field or playground to the living room or kitchen. As many Long Island children are involved in numerous activities, there's much room for accidents and injuries and while proactive measures are typically taken, sometimes they're unavoidable. Then, it's time to focus on healing and recovery.

If your child suffers from an injury, your pediatrician may advise you to visit a physical therapist as a part of their recovery program, depending on the exact type and severity of the condition. A teenager, for instance, who suffers from a concussion after getting injured in a football game, may recover from the head injury by receiving physical therapy, in addition to other complementary treatments, such as chiropractic care and neurofeedback.

  • He or she is challenged with orthopedic impairments.

Teacher preparation program Project IDEAL, short for Informing and Designing Education For All Learners, describes severe orthopedic impairments as those “that adversely affects a child's educational performance.” This includes conditions such as clubfoot, bone tuberculosis, and cerebral palsy.

Physical therapists focus on fine and gross motor skills, often having to do with the neck, legs, and torso, in order to improve a child’s condition. Every child and disorder is unique, so a physical therapist is going to approach each patient’s recovery a bit differently. Some patients may experience better results if they receive physical therapy three times a week, while others may benefit from going less frequently.

Finding a physical therapist you can trust and preferably one that collaborates with other health care practitioners is critical in assisting your child heal and recover in the most efficient way possible.

 Learn more about the many benefits of physical therapy, as well as other spine and joint treatments that could help your child experience optimal health, and Contact the Northport Wellness Center at (631) 262-8505.


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