Yoga for Individuals With Special Needs

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Stress Reduction

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Stress and anxiety play a big part in our lives, especially during uncertain or challenging times. Whether it’s at your place of work, or your everyday life, yoga can help you to self-regulate and calm your nerves in times of high intensity and hectic worry. Yoga helps with processing stress, building resilience, and enhancing job performance. 

Yoga can benefit individuals of all ages and abilities. It can be especially helpful to individuals with special needs.


Yoga for Individuals with Special Needs

Teaching children and adults specific breathing strategies and yoga poses can support them in activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system that is responsible for rest, relaxation and digestion. It supports them in reducing anxiety, developing healthier sleep patterns, releasing difficult emotions and tension in the body, improving digestion and improving mood and behavior.


The practice of yoga can help to teach coping strategies and self-regulation so that individuals may live calmer, happier, more peaceful and healthier lives.


Children and adults of all abilities including those with ADD, ADHD and Autism can benefit by becoming more mentally present for listening and learning. Self-awareness and self-esteem can also be strengthened with yoga. The practice of yoga can help to teach coping strategies and self-regulation so that individuals may live calmer, happier, more peaceful and healthier lives.


Achieve Balance with Yoga

The practice of yoga enables you to become more focused and grounded and more comfortable in your own skin.

At Salt of the Earth Yoga, the yoga practice is adapted to anyone and everyone no matter your limitations, age, lifestyle, work life, or home life. Programs may be customized to your needs so that you can feel the benefits.


Salt of the Earth Yoga is now offering Special Needs Yoga online via Zoom!

Salt of the Earth Yoga is located at 426 S. Country Road, Suite 2, Brookhaven Hamlet. To learn more, call (631) 655-8627 or visit


The Northport Wellness Center is pleased to partner with Salt of the Earth Yoga.


Salt of the Earth Yoga was founded by Lauren Adamkiewicz, Yoga Instructor E-RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher), E-PRYT 85 (Prenatal Registered). Lauren has traveled throughout Long Island to bring the yoga practice to rehabilitation and recovery facilities, sports teams and athletic programs, libraries, high schools, office buildings, community centers, seniors programs, physical therapy offices and CrossFit gyms.

She works privately and in small groups with learning disabled and children and adults with autism, physically disabled and fragile seniors, and others with special needs.

Lauren approaches all yoga classes from a health and healing perspective regularly integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, Ayurveda (sister science of yoga), and meditation for a calm yet rejuvenating practice. 


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